The Boat and the Bomb

Documentary produced in 2005 about the bombing of the Greenpeace flagship, Rainbow Warrior, in Auckland Harbour. On the night of July 10,1985, the blasts of two limpet mines placed by French secret agents sank a ship protesting against nuclear testing in the Pacific and took the life of onboard photographer Fernando Pereira.

This film captures the events leading up to the explosions, as well as the aftermath of what was deemed internationally to be a state-sponsored criminal act of sabotage. As details of the plot – implicating the highest level of the French government – were revealed, waves of outrage rippled across the globe. It fueled the debate about nuclear weapons testing which eventually culminated in the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty in 1996.

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The Spirit Level – Trailer

The Spirit Level tells the story of how the gap between rich and poor has risen to unprecedented levels, under our noses. But does it matter? We’ve be interweaving stories from across the globe to examine how it impacts on all our lives.

We have conducted in-depth research, both of the data and on the ground, identifying the personal stories that bring to life the bigger picture. We’re thrilled to have completed filming across the US and UK, and to be taking the film into the edit.

We need your support to help us continue with the project and realise it’s full potential. Please visit to find out how.

Thanks to Biggi Hilmars for kind permission to use the track “Ponds” – more info at

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Het Chimpansee Complex | Oficiële Trailer + Dichter bij Mojo

Dit is de trailer over chimpansees, Het Chimpansee complex

Welkom bij de Filmfabriek! Dé verzamelplaats voor alles wat met film te maken heeft. Abonneer je nu voor film trailers, movie reviews en classics!

Dichter bij Mojo – Stichting AAP

Chimpansee Mojo zit sinds 2011 bij AAP. Mojo is anders dan andere chimpansees en zijn verzorging en behandeling bleek een grote uitdaging. Met een speciaal behandelplan proberen we Mojo weer gezond en sociaal vaardig te laten worden.


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The Great Plains of the United States produce the most beautiful thunderstorms, supercells, and unique cloud structures in the world. I spent the summer of 2013 on the northern Great Plains photographing some of these storms.

Shot in Wyoming and South Dakota.

Now on National Geographic!

Music: Xiphon Audio – Bindings – Used with permission
Photography: Nicolaus Wegner
Equipment: Canon 5dmii, 1dsmiii, 16-35mii, 70-200f4, tripods, intervalometers, hail dented Jeep.
Xiphon Audio Links: – Help XA with his Bleeding Fingers (Hans Zimmer) Competition. It’s pretty awesome!

My links:

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Ally & Day, Dog teaching baby to jump


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Maroon 5 – Sugar

Maroon5VEVO  Maroon5VEVO

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Dotan – Hungry



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