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A video that shows why teachers are going out of their minds

The video above is not a parody. It shows Chicago Public School teachers in a professional development session that will make you understand why teachers are going out of their minds and to what extent administrators have infantilized teachers. Here … Lees verder

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14 Recommended Books for Psychiatry Patients | World of Psychology

14 Recommended Books for Psychiatry Patients | World of Psychology.

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“Young Lakota” Official Trailer

“Young Lakota” Official Trailer from marionlipschutz/roserosenblatt    Bad-ass women alert! Besides these two twin sisters who are taking on a centuries-old cultural stigma on a Native American reservation, you also get to meet Cecelia Fire Thunder, who was the first female … Lees verder

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Samen sterk tegen stigma

Er is een algemene folder waar je meer informatie vindt over de aanpak van ‘Samen sterk tegen stigma’: De folder vind je achter de volgende link: SSTS-13-07-Folder-Stigma-LOS

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Drinking like a boss

Meanwhile in Mayrhofen. Some drunken Russian guys taking their wasted buddy home after Apres Ski. Like a boss! Music: Sirtaki – Zorba the Greek – Mikis Theodorakis

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Lion Guardians – Coexistence between people and lions

 Lionguardians·30 video’s The Lion Guardians monitor lion movements, warn pastoralist when lions are in the area, recover lost livestock, reinforce livestock corrals and intervene to stop lion hunting parties. Collectively these efforts lead to a reduction in the loss of … Lees verder

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Why are we getting smarter? Further reading on the “Flynn effect”

Originally posted on TED Blog:
James Flynn points out a fascinating dynamic at TED2013, that we appear to be getting smarter. Photo: James Duncan Davidson In the 1980s, psychologist James Flynn discovered that, over the past century, our average IQ…

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