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The world’s inequality explained – in 50 seconds

Kortel News The BBC’s A Richer World season is exploring global wealth, poverty and inequality. The world is wealthier now than ever before. But are these riches more equally divided? In some ways, yes. The inequality gap between traditionally wealthy … Lees verder

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A Threat to American Democracy

 Bernie Sanders Sen. Bernie Sanders speaks on the Senate floor about skyrocketing income and wealth inequality and the destruction of the middle class.

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This Girl Walked Through Fire So We Can Get Jeans for $9 | TakePart

December 16, 2013 By Joseph Allchin Joseph Allchin is a journalist based in Dhaka, Bangladesh who writes regularly for the Financial Times. The evening light is fading as Kala Begum carries her 16-year-old daughter out of their tiny tenement room and down … Lees verder

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Drie jaar geleden: 2010 European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion

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