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In dit dorpje proberen dappere hackers het internet te redden

Illustratie: Typex Heel het internet is kapot. Heel het internet? Nee, een kleine groep hackers blijft moedig weerstand bieden tegen de overweldigers van het kapitalistische-militair complex van Google en de National Security Agency (NSA). In het Spaanse dorp Calafou kwamen … Lees verder

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Noam Chomsky | Talks at Google

 Talks at Google  Professor Noam Chomsky visits Google Cambridge to answer the following questions from Googlers: 1. Your early view of the potential abuse of the Internet as a political medium seemed to convey a wait and see attitude. How … Lees verder

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The Psychological Dark Side of Google | PandoDaily

“We know where you are. We know where you’ve been. We can more or less know what you’re thinking about.” “Your digital identity will live forever… because there’s no delete button.” —Eric Schmidt Early last week, some of the biggest … Lees verder

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Self-Driving Car Test: Steve Mahan

We announced our self-driving car project in 2010 to make driving safer, more enjoyable, and more efficient. Having safely completed over 200,000 miles of computer-led driving, we wanted to share one of our favorite moments. Here’s Steve, who joined us … Lees verder

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Google Reader Terminaal

Vanmorgen in mijn Reader:  Posted by Alan Green, Software Engineer We have just announced on the Official Google Blog that we will soon retire Google Reader (the actual date is July 1, 2013). We know Reader has a devoted following … Lees verder

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