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Trouble is brewing in the Balkans – Al Jazeera English

ISIL recruiters have taken advantage of the situation in the Balkans, writes Coffey [Reuters] As most of Europe’s attention is focused on Ukraine, it would be unwise to ignore the challenges currently brewing in the Balkans. The Balkans have long … Lees verder

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Shujayea: Massacre at Dawn

Al Jazeera English A powerful film with exclusive footage from the day of the Israeli assault on the densely populated district of Shujayea in Gaza City. A film by Amjad Almalki and Ahmed Ashour.

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US warns Israel over civilian deaths in Gaza – Middle East – Al Jazeera English

Israel has warned it could “significantly widen” a Gaza land offensive but was cautioned by its main ally, the United States, about the risks of further escalation as Palestinian civilian deaths mounted. Palestinian officials said 65 Palestinians, at least 15 … Lees verder

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Ukraine vs Russia: A mafia states cover-up? – Opinion – Al Jazeera English

It‘s not yet quite as bad as the battle of Vukovar, but the armed conflict in Ukraine is looking increasingly similar to the war in Croatia fought in 1991. One by one, Russia is trying to chip off the predominantly Russophone … Lees verder

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In Pictures: The ‘rat eaters’ of India

In Pictures: The ‘rat eaters’ of India – In Pictures – Al Jazeera English.

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Gunmen surround Ukrainian bases in Crimea

Al Jazeera English In Video: Ukrainian military and naval bases in Crimea have been surrounded by unidentified gunmen who are thought to be Russian soldiers. Click here:http://aje.me/1ltZN4x  

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