CoPilots | Jubilee Project Short Film

Jubilee Project is excited to share “CoPilots”, a short film about unconditional love, in partnership with Pastor Francis Chan and his latest book “You and Me Forever”.

“You and Me Forever” was written by Francis and his wife Lisa on marriage in the light of eternity. Today, 100% of all proceeds from book sales go towards fighting poverty in Africa – projects like building a safe haven village for young women rescued out of prostitution.

There will also be a “You and Me Forever” book mobile app in the App Store & Google Play soon, where “CoPilots” will also be available for viewing. In the meantime, the physical book can be purchased at

| CREW |
Director: Jason Y. Lee
Producer: Kevin J. Nguyen
Director of Photography: Daphne Qin Wu
1st. Assistant. Director: Elaine Zhou
1st Assistant Camera & Editor: Andy Chang
Gaffer: Robert Streeper
Grip: Eddie Lee
Sound: So Choi
Production Design: Ngoc Le
Hair/Makeup: Keely Maroney
Production Assistants: Taylor Matsunaga, Grace Dang Yellow, Sharlene Park
Behind the Scenes: Eugene Choi
Editor: Andy Chang and John Enriquez

| CAST |
Elderly Daniel: Daniel Gilvary
Elderly Margaret: Kay Baur
Adult Daniel: Sean McBride
Adult Margaret: Christina Marie Leonard
Young Daniel: Sammy Thorn
Young Margaret: Emily Hall
Policeman: Nevada Vargas
Street Bystanders: Veronica Long, Conor Shaw
Students: Ella Perez, Brenden Barta, Jordan McFadden, VaLynn Rain

Justin Kuo
Ngoc Nguyen
Pastor Tim
Eddie & Vickie Tani
Jailyn Osbourne

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