Jail Tale

On The Heath

A man wrongfully convicted of a crime was in jail serving a long sentence. He shared a cell with a self-confessed conman. Over time the two naturally developed a mutual respect so one day as they shared their experiences the conman remarked:

”I’m convinced of your innocence. I really believe you.  You couldn’t fool me. Hoodwinking people has been my lifelong profession. Your predicament is nothing new. I’ve met a few in my time, who like you have had to endure similar injustices. But what baffles me is that each and every one of them always expressed immense anger – justifiably so of course. But I sense not a hint of resentment towards anyone, not even the system responsible for landing you in this god forsaken place. So tell me, how do you manage to put up with it all and do it so graciously too, knowing you did absolutely…

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