This is what a suicidal crisis looks like from the inside.

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I spent my junior and senior years of high school in boarding school, and when we got sick, the staff seemed more worried about weeding out fakers than ministering to the stricken. It wasn’t Lowood Institution, but our RAs’ first concern, upon hearing anyone declare herself too sick to go to class, was to ensure that the sufferer did not leave her room for the entire day. (Remember, guys, this was the year 2000: most of us didn’t even have a cell phone. Computers were bulky desktop machines in the computer lab. Facebook and Netflix did not exist.)

But we girls took care of each other.

I remember when the flu really knocked me on my ass that first year away from home. I was so feverish that the first lonely day passed in a haze. That evening, I was vaguely aware of a few of my friends, tiptoeing…

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