Omar Khadr, now 27, is a Canadian citizen, born in Toronto. In 2002, at the age of 15 he was living in Afghanistan where he was seriously wounded by U.S. forces, captured and detained at Bagram and Guantanamo prisons for a decade. Eventually charged and convicted by an internationally-discredited U.S. military commission hearing, Omar Khadr is the only child convicted of a war crime in modern history and the only person found guilty in the death of a U.S. soldier in the recent Afghanistan and Iraq wars. He was the last Westerner repatriated from Guantanamo and the only former Guantanamo prisoner from the West to remain in captivity in his home country. 
  • On November 8, 2013, Pentagon lawyer Sam Morison launched an appeal in Washington to have Omar Khadr’s conviction overturned. His arguments support Omar Khadr’s innocence since all evidence indicates that he committed no crimes. In fact, Omar Khadr was himself a victim of an internationally recognized war crime: while lying, badly wounded in a prone position, Omar was shot in the back by a U.S. Special Forces soldier.

Lees hier verder: FACT SHEET | FREE Omar Khadr.

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